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Managua Interioring

Perched atop a ridgeline in Managua, Nicaragua, the presence of the Nicaragua Towers represents an ecological approach to creating an environmentally sensitive building within a limited budget.

The pre-existing site presented a challenge in terms of constructability as the client presented the challenge of limited allowable expenses. The apartments are airy with open-space layout.

Beyond incorporating sustainable building product systems, the budgetary limitations imposed on material choice forced the architect to implement strategies for using resources in close proximity to the site. Therefore, the general concept adopted for this project stems from “Carbon Neutral Economics”,or the purchasing of goods which are manufactured locally to save carbon transportation emissions.

In a low budget architecture project where high-tech systems such as photovoltaic panels, wind turbines and recycled products are out of economical reach, thes towers everted back to purchasing locally, minimized grading and capitalizing on natural characteristics of the site.